Track your stolen car

Bought your first car? Feels great, doesn’t it?

Your first car is probably the biggest investment you’ve ever made. Protect it with telematics theft tracking technology.

If stolen, your car can be traced to its exact location with GPS car tracking. Report your car as stolen and we'll try to locate it, liaising with the police on your behalf when you need us to.

You could recover your car completely unharmed, or you could cut damages down.

Think your car's been stolen?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Report your car as stolen to the police
  2. The police will give you a crime reference number
  3. Contact our claims department (we will need your crime reference number)

We'll then track the location of your car, and try to recover it unharmed. If your car cannot be traced or has been damaged, call us and we'll help process your claim.