When? At an arranged time, within 7 days of your policy starting. It'll only take about an hour.

Where? Wherever you like...at home, at work, anywhere.

Who? A trained telematics smart box engineer will come to you, at the agreed time. You will need to make sure your car's electrics are working so the engineer can test the telematics smart box is working once it has been fitted.

When will I be covered?

You will be insured to drive as soon as your policy begins. Via email you will recieve a confirmation confirming your insurance. Please still drive sensibly and safely while you are awaiting your Telematics Smart Box installation.

What do you need to do?

We do advise to validate your policy first before the installation of the Telematics Smart Box, this is so we can make sure this is the right policy for you.

Silent and out of sight

Your telematics smart box is tiny - about the size of a smartphone. It's fitted into your dashboard, where nobody will see or hear it. It doesn't affect your car or the way it runs - your telematics smart box will just sit there, doing its job, safe, silent and out of sight.

How much?

You don’t need to worry about any hidden fees – the cost for the Telematic Smart Box is included in your arrangement fee, which is incorporated in your premium.

What if I cancel?

You can cancel your policy at any point. However, after the Telematics Smart Box has been fitted. The Telematics Smart Box will normally stay in your car, but will be deactivated if you cancel your policy. If you'd like to have your Telematics Smart Box removed, just get in touch to arrange a suitable time and date for this. There is a £50 removal fee for this service.

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