Young drivers are more than twice as likely to make an insurance claim compared with older drivers and the average claim is a whopping three times higher.

This is the statistic that makes insurance for young drivers more expensive.

If young drivers significantly reduce their accident rate then insurance will gradually become more affordable.

The following tips from the Association of British Insurers will help you to avoid being in a road accident, keep your premium down and could ultimately save your life.

Carry fewer passengers

We all know that having other people in your car can be a distraction. Especially if they are encouraging you to show off and drive in a more risky manner. The risk of being involved in a fatal car accident increases by a reported 39% from driving alone to having one passenger; this risk shoots up by a shocking 182% when you carry three or more passengers.

Our advice:

Don’t drive at night

Between 11pm and 6am over 40% of accidents involving young male drivers result in either death or serious injury, this figure halves at other times.

Even though you are driving cautiously and are sober, there is no guarantee that the other road users are so you have to be extra vigilant at this time.

Our advice:

Be aware of the driving conditions

Driving on a hot sunny day requires different skills to driving in heavy rain or snow. As your experience grows you will be able to gauge this but in the first few months after you’ve passed your test you should be extremely cautious in any adverse weather conditions.

Our advice:

Be cautious

A third of all accidents involving young drivers occur because of poor road safety and overestimating your ability and that of your car. Serious danger areas have been identified as:

In all of these circumstances, reduce your speed, turn the music down and be extra vigilant observing potential hazards. You have to be able to react quickly if another driver makes a foolish mistake, and remember, if you crash in to the back of another vehicle because you couldn’t stop in time it will increase your insurance premium so keep your distance.

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