If you want to practice driving privately outside of your normal driving lessons, you’ll need to take out learner driving insurance.

There are two ways of doing this. You can get your parents to add you to their policy, or you can take our separate learner driver insurance.

Get your parents to add you to their policy

Most people just ask their parents to add them to their policy, which is probably the simplest option.

However, some insurers will charge your parents extortionate amounts to do this, specifically if their policies are designed for mature and experienced drivers. Others might not allow your parents to do this at all.

Another problem is that you’ll be restricted to practicing in your parent’s car. So if you already have your own car, you won’t be able to practice in this.

Get separate insurance

Taking out learner car insurance will allow you to practice in your own vehicle. However, there’s often a limitation on the value of the car that you can insure, so make sure you read the policy fine print.

Remember to be supervised

Remember that legally, a learner must be supervised by somebody aged 21 or over, who has been driving for at least 3 years.

Some companies will insist upon a supervisor aged at least 25, so make sure you check – breaking this rule could invalidate your car insurance.

How long should you insure yourself as a learner for?

It’s difficult to predict as it depends on your capabilities and how long you’ve already been taking lessons for.

DSA statistics show that the average learner will need 47 driving lessons and 22 hours of private practice.

If you don’t want to commit, some insurers will allow you to buy short term policies for as short a period as 7 days. However, it will likely work out cheaper to buy a long term policy if you have to keep topping up.

Tell your insurer when you pass

Remember, when you pass your test, you’ll no longer be covered to drive Make sure that you update their car insurance before driving again after your test.

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