When you’re a new driver it’s easy to make silly mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that other new and young drivers make.

  1. Not planning ahead

    Changes to the road ahead happen very quickly. A lot of young and new drivers don't plan in advance, so may not respond as well to hazards, simply because they don't see them coming.

  2. Driving too closely to the car in front

    Maintaining a proper driving distance gives you time to respond to incidents quickly, such as the car in front braking suddenly. Many young drivers are involved in accidents simply because their driving distance isn’t far enough from the car in front.

  3. Using a mobile phone

    Not just to answer calls, but to text, as well. Using social media sites when driving is becoming increasingly problematic.

  4. Choosing the wrong car

    If it's the choice between important safety features and a flashy car with a large engine, too many new drivers choose the latter.

    It's much better to choose a smaller car. One that's easy to park, has light controls and has ABS breaking.

  5. Poor maintenance

    A car is a big expense, and can come as a shock to many new, young drivers. This means that they don't always plan financially for maintaining and repairing their vehicles. It’s important to always have excess cash ready for when your car is in need of maintenance.

  6. Playing the stereo too loudly

    Loud music can drown out hazard warning signs that you’d otherwise hear. If you play your music too loudly, it might drown out ambulance sirens and other emergency vehicles.

  7. Speeding

    Without the supervision of their Mum, Dad or a driving instructor, many young drivers are tempted to speed.

    It's even worse if you have friends in the car, encouraging you to go faster.

  8. Taking too many risks

    As confidence grows, new drivers take more and more risks, not realising that they don’t have the skills to back their confidence up. Nor have they had the experience of collisions and near misses to learn from.

  9. Driving over the limit

    A 2011 government study found that more than one in 14 drivers admit to driving when over the legal alcohol limit. And that's just the ones who admit it.

  10. Getting distracted

    Not just by mobile phones, but by other people in the car, eating and fiddling with car radios.

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