In the UK, the legal alcohol limit is:

This doesn’t give you much indication of how many units you can have before driving, because everybody metabolises alcohol differently. The best advice you can take is not to drink at all if you know you’re going to be driving.

What if you want to drive the morning after you were drinking?

If you drive the morning after a big night out, you still might not be below the legal limit, even if you feel fine.

On average, they say it takes the average, healthy liver one hour to metabolise a unit of alcohol, however, this depends on a range of factors, including your height, weight, gender and age.

Ask yourself, how many units did you really have last night? You probably had more than you can remember!

How can I sober up quickly?

Despite the myths, there are no quick ways to sober up. Drinking coffee and having a cold shower will not sober you up, as they will not remove alcohol from your blood stream.

How alcohol affects your driving

The penalties for drink driving

Get caught drink driving and you could:

Tips for a sober night

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