What's a telematics smart box?

A telematics smart box is a small device that collects data about your driving. They've been used in emergency and commercial vehicles for years. The one you'll have is about the size of a smart phone and contains:

  1. A GPS tracker to show the location of your car at all times
    Used for theft recovery, provided it is still intact.
  2. A motion sensor to capture your style of driving
    New drivers are branded as bad ones – build a positive driving score to qualify for a lower renewal rate.
  3. A SIM card to send information to your online driver dashboard
    Review your driving to become a better, safer driver, and monitor how many miles you have left.

How to get driving feedback

You can access information about your driving 24/7 through your online driving dashboard.

As soon as you take out your policy, you'll be given the login details.

What'll be tracked?

Your telematics smart box gathers general information about your driving style, looking for patterns and trends. This information is used to give you a driving score.

Your driving score is regularly updated, so that when your driving improves, your score goes up, and you qualify for greater renewal savings.

Your driving score is based on:

Benefits of a telematics smart box

Having a telematics smart box isn't just about pleasing insurers. It's about protecting you, your car and helping you through your first years of driving.

Here's how you can use your telematics smart box:

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